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Do you feel like each busy season is getting harder than the last?

  • Can’t catch up: No matter what you do, it feels like you’re swimming upstream.
  • Struggling with workload: Looking for a different way to manage it all.
  • Lacking growth: Unable to find time for strategic planning and business development.
  • Tech overwhelm: Overwhelmed by the rapid pace of technological changes and unsure where to start.
  • Bureaucratic burden: Struggling to keep up with the constant changes in laws and regulations.


What if you had a super power that could help you with all these issues? 

That is exactly what this Course is designed for



Automate Routine Tasks:

Free up time from manual work.

Simplify Compliance:

Stay updated with laws and regulations using AI.

Improve Client Communication:

Deliver quick, accurate responses

Leverage AI for Research and Data Analysis:

Gain insights, make informed decisions.

Here is the full breakdown: 

Module 1: Start Here

  • Welcome: Overview of the course and its benefits.
  • Practical Uses of ChatGPT for Accountants: Real-world applications in accounting.
  • Why Upgrade: The Added Value of ChatGPT Plus: Understanding the benefits of upgrading.

Module 2: Mastering ChatGPT Prompts

  • Navigating the ChatGPT Interface: Familiarize with the user interface.
  • Understanding Prompts: The Basics: Fundamentals of creating effective prompts.
  • Crafting Effective Prompts: Best Practices: Advanced techniques for optimal results.

Module 3: Privacy and ChatGPT: Addressing Concerns

  • Identifying Privacy Concerns: Mitigating Risk: Managing privacy issues.
  • ChatGPT Enterprise: Enterprise-level solutions for larger firms.

Module 4: Creating Custom GPTs for Accounting

  • Introduction to Personalized GPTs: Customizing ChatGPT to suit your needs.
  • Finding GPTs in the Library: Utilizing pre-built GPTs.
  • Use Cases for GPTs: Practical examples of custom GPTs.
  • How to Create a GPT: Step-by-step guide to building your own GPTs.


Module 5: Useful GPTs

  • Wolfram GPT: Leveraging Wolfram capabilities.
  • Other GPTs to Check Out: Additional GPTs to enhance your practice.

Module 6: AI-Powered Email Correspondence

  • ChatGPT and Email: A Seamless Integration: Integrating AI into email communication.
  • Using Custom Instructions for Email Writing: Tailoring ChatGPT for email tasks.

Module 7: Empowering Staff with ChatGPT

  • Self-Guided Learning: Enhancing technical knowledge.
  • Autonomous Problem-Solving and Continuous Improvement: Fostering innovation and self-improvement.

Module 8: How to Research Topics Using AI

  • AI as a Research Tool: The Basics: Leveraging AI for research.
  • Perplexity Chrome Extension for Research: Using the Perplexity extension for enhanced research.

Module 9: Data Analysis with ChatGPT

  • Data Analysis with ChatGPT: Using AI to analyze data.
  • Excel Macros Simplified: Automating and simplifying Excel tasks.

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